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Can I have samples for quality testing?

Can you supply samples?

Yes, we can! After you confirm the quotation, we can provide samples for you to test the quality and check the packaging, among other things.

What is the quantity of samples provided?

Usually, we provide 1 piece per item as a sample. If you need more, please feel free to discuss it with us via email!

Do I need to pay for the samples?

Yes, samples are chargeable based on the quoted price. For example, if the quotation is 1 piece/USD 10.0, then the sample fee would be USD 10.0.

Do I need to pay for the shipping fee?

Yes, you are responsible for the shipping fee. However, if you have a relevant courier account, we can use your account for shipping and charge it to your account.

Can the sample fee be refunded?

Yes, it can! When you confirm the sample quality and packaging and place an official order, we will proactively refund the sample fee on the order.

Do you need sample confirmation for quality assurance? Contact us now for immediate assistance!