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What are the shipping methods for sending samples?

Which shipping method do we usually use for sending samples?

We use DHL, FedEx, and UPS to send samples. However, for larger sample quantities, we can also arrange shipment by sea, although the waiting time will be longer.

When will the samples be shipped?

Once we receive the sample fee, we will notify you to confirm receipt of payment and inform you of the sample shipping time.

What is the estimated arrival time for the samples?

The estimated arrival time for samples varies depending on the shipping method. Generally, with DHL, FedEx, and UPS, it takes about 7-10 working days (excluding holidays). However, the location of your company is also crucial. If it is in a remote area, it may take more than 15 days according to the courier company's standards. We will provide you with the tracking number so that you can monitor the delivery status at any time.

Can I use a cheaper shipping method?

Some customers have suggested using EMS to send samples, but we have encountered unknown issues in the past, such as package loss and weight limitations. Therefore, we do not use EMS for sample shipments.

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