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Why should I purchase automotive repair tools from Nuevo Products Development Co., Ltd.?

Helping customers choose the most suitable products

Due to the unique environment and educational level in early Taiwan, many factories lacked foreign language capabilities to undertake overseas orders. As a result, numerous manufacturers relied on export traders to sell their products worldwide. This has led to the current situation where many automotive repair tool suppliers found through online searches are traders without manufacturing capabilities.

Helping customers choose quality products

Even though it is made in Taiwan, there are both good and bad qualities, high and low prices, manufacturers with reliable lead times and manufacturers with challenging lead time (not easy control). Therefore, we are here to oversee and provide relevant advice and services to our customers, ensuring good quality, reasonable prices, and stable lead times.

Helping customers purchase products from different categories

Since there are approximately close to 10,000 types of automotive tools, encompassing all vehicles in the market, it is not possible for only 1-2 manufacturers to produce them all. In Taiwan, there are hundreds of manufacturers producing related automotive repair tool products. At this point, traders can play the best role in placing orders on behalf of customers, ensuring quality control and lead time management.

Most manufacturers prefer cash payment methods

In international trade, there are many risks involved, so general traders often discuss the most suitable payment methods with their customers. However, many manufacturers in Taiwan are unwilling to bear such risks, and therefore prefer cash payment as their typical payment method. Additionally, the fluctuation of exchange rates also discourages many manufacturers from taking on these risks, as they already have to bear the risks associated with the fluctuation of raw material prices.

We provide the best after-sales service!!

In the manufacturing process, there will inevitably be products of poor quality or deviations from specifications due to communication issues. Moreover, most manufacturers lack experience in directly handling international orders. As a result, there can be various problems arising from poor communication after the products are sold. By purchasing products directly from us, customers can avoid many of these troubles and issues. Especially when dealing with multiple suppliers, effective communication and problem-solving abilities between customers and manufacturers become crucial!

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