Under Car Service Tool

Special Steering Wheel Pullers

Product Application
Facilitating effortless steering wheel removal, Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Special Steering Wheel Pullers are designed for a wide range of automotive applications.
Compatible with Opel, Ford, and various car models, these precision tools ensure efficient disassembly, making them an essential addition to any professional or DIY auto repair toolkit.

Product Specification

For Opel, Ford and most of cars.
Material: carbon steel.
Finished: chrome plated w/black oxide.
Product Features
Unlock seamless automotive maintenance with Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' Special Steering Wheel Pullers, catering to Opel, Ford, and a wide range of car models. Crafted from durable common steel, these tools boast a chrome-plated finish with black oxide detailing, ensuring both resilience and a sleek aesthetic.
With a focus on quality, our Professional Wheel Extractors guarantee reliable performance in disassembling steering wheels. The chrome-plated finish not only enhances durability but also adds a touch of sophistication to your tools.