Brake Service Tool

Drum Brake Return Spring Tool

Product Application
This tool has a universal application for both removal and installation of nearly all drum brakes, making it a valuable addition to any mechanic's tool kit.

Product Specification

Universal application of both removal and installation for nearly all drum brake.
The return spring holder has two ends with tow shapes.
Both shapes are able to make drum brake services energy saving and time saving.
Sharpe end width: 1.5mm and 4mm.
Overall width: 310mm.
P.P with TPR dual color handle.
Material: alloy steel.
Handle color: black and gray.
Product Features
Experience the pinnacle of automotive repair with the powerful and versatile tool from Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools - a one-stop solution for all your drum brake needs. This universal drum brake tool is designed to simplify both removal and installation tasks, making brake spring replacement an energy-saving and time-saving job.
Skillfully crafted from alloy steel, the tool exhibits impressive durability and longevity. It has an overall width of 310mm, making it suitable for almost any drum brake repair task. The brake spring tool includes a unique return spring holder with two distinct ends, each possessing different shapes with sharp end widths of 1.5mm and 4mm, respectively. This feature ensures easier brake spring installation and removal, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the drum brake maintenance process.
Adding to its practicality, the tool features a dual color handle made from high-grade P.P and TPR, painted in a professional black and gray. This design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also provides comfortable handling, making this automotive brake tool a delight to work with.
Given its multi-faceted applications, this tool is an essential addition to any professional automotive repair tool collection, revolutionizing the drum brake return spring services. Upgrade your toolkit today with this brake spring removal tool from Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools and feel the difference in your drum brake servicing tasks. Our tool promises not just efficient service, but also a commitment to high quality and excellent value for every automotive repair need.