Engine Service Tool

Valve Spring Compressor

Product Application
Specially designed for large engines and diesel engines.
This powerful tool is equipped with a unique direct action compressor lever that provides improved visibility and ease of use in areas of difficult access.

Product Specification

For large engines and diesel engines.
Unique direct action compressor lever gives improved visibility and ease of use in areas of difficult access.
Collet release adapters.
Restricted access adapter 25mm and 30mm.
Jaw opening Min.: 35mm.
Jaw opening Max.: 200mm.
Clearance: 250mm.
Product Features
Introducing the Revolutionary Valve Spring Compressor Tool from Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools.
Looking for the perfect tool to make valve spring maintenance a breeze? Look no further! Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools proudly presents its latest innovation, the Valve Spring Compressor Tool, designed to cater to the needs of automotive professionals and mechanics working with large and diesel engines. With its exceptional features and unrivaled functionality, this tool will revolutionize your valve spring compression tasks.
One of the standout features of our Valve Spring Compressor Tool is its unique direct action compressor lever. This ingenious design ensures improved visibility and unparalleled ease of use, even in hard-to-reach areas. Say goodbye to frustrating moments and hello to effortless valve spring compression, thanks to our tool's ergonomic lever.
To enhance versatility, we have included collet release adapters with the Valve Spring Compressor Tool. These adapters allow for seamless interchangeability, making it a versatile choice for various engine types and sizes. No matter the engine you're working on, our tool has got you covered.
In addition, we have included a restricted access adapter with 25mm and 30mm options, further expanding the tool's range of applications. Whether you're faced with tight spaces or intricate engine configurations, our Valve Spring Compressor Tool will adapt and deliver outstanding results.
The jaw opening capabilities of this tool are truly impressive. With a minimum jaw opening of 35mm and a maximum jaw opening of 200mm, it can accommodate a wide range of valve spring sizes. Additionally, the generous 250mm clearance provides ample room to work comfortably, eliminating unnecessary obstructions.
Last but not least, our Valve Spring Compressor Tool is not limited to gasoline engines alone. It is specifically designed to handle the demands of diesel engines, making it a must-have tool for diesel engine specialists. Experience the exceptional performance and reliability that only Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools can deliver.