Oil Funnel

ATF Funnel Set

Product Application
The ultimate solution for hassle-free ATF refilling on Acura and Honda vehicles with limited access.
Our funnel set includes a yellow adapter designed specifically for Subaru vehicles, making it a versatile tool for any automotive technician.

Product Specification

Set for refilling ATF on Acura and Honda with limited access.
Funnel can be directly connect to oil filler necks, eliminating dangers of oil spills on floor.
Yellow adapter for Subaru.
Product Features
Introducing the ATF Funnel Set for Acura and Honda by Nuevo Auto Repair Tools, the ultimate solution for seamless and spill-free ATF refilling. Designed to overcome the challenges of limited access, this funnel set ensures efficient and reliable fluid transfer every time.
With its innovative design, the funnel in this set can be directly connected to the oil filler necks, eliminating the dangers of oil spills on the floor. Say goodbye to messy ATF refills and hello to a hassle-free experience. The funnel's precise construction guarantees a tight and leak-free connection, allowing you to perform fluid changes with confidence.
This ATF funnel set also includes a yellow adapter specifically designed for Subaru vehicles. With this addition, the set becomes even more versatile, catering to a wider range of automotive needs.
At Nuevo Auto Repair Tools, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our automotive maintenance tools are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Invest in this ATF Funnel Set and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your Acura, Honda, and Subaru ATF refills.
Upgrade your fluid management routine with the ATF Funnel Set for Acura, Honda, and Subaru. Trust in Nuevo Auto Repair Tools for all your automotive fluid accessories and enjoy a seamless pouring experience every time.