Under Car Service Tool

Snap In Tire Valve Installer

Product Application
Streamline tire maintenance effortlessly with Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Snap In Tire Valve Installer.
Ideal for professional auto mechanics and tire service professionals, this precision tool ensures quick and secure installations of snap-in type passenger car tire valve stems.

Product Specification

Steel constructed tool with deep threaded head for positive sealing of all snap-in type passenger car tire valve stems.
Rubbers cover design to protect the rim.
Material: carbon steel and CR-V 6150.
Finish: chrome plated and black color rubber.
Product Features
Introducing our cutting-edge Tire Valve Installation Tool, exclusively from Nuevo Auto Repair Tools. This steel-constructed marvel boasts a deep-threaded head, ensuring a secure seal for all snap-in type passenger car tire valve stems. Crafted with precision from carbon steel and CR-V 6150, this tool guarantees durability and longevity.
The chrome-plated finish exudes quality, while the black color rubber cover design adds an extra layer of protection to the rim. This Tire Valve Replacement Kit is more than just a tool; it's a testament to our commitment to top-notch automotive tools.