Engine Service Tool

Mechanic's Stethoscope for Automotive

Product Application
Precision meets performance in Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Mechanic's Stethoscope for Automotive.
Ideal for swiftly locating and diagnosing elusive engine noises, this tool is an essential companion for automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Product Specification

Provides a fast and easy way to locate noise in engine or bearing and other moving parts.
High quality surgical PVC and rubber parts for increased sound definition.
Aluminum alloy probe / needle for finding the exact location of specific noises.
Material: aluminum needle and rubber tube.
Finish: chrome plated and black rubber hose.
Product Features
Unlock unparalleled precision in automotive diagnostics with Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' cutting-edge Mechanic's Stethoscope. Crafted from high-quality surgical PVC and rubber components, this innovative tool elevates sound definition to a new level. The aluminum alloy probe/needle ensures pinpoint accuracy in identifying engine or bearing noises and other moving parts.
Engineered for efficiency, this diagnostic marvel is your go-to solution for quick and precise location of specific noises. The chrome-plated finish and black rubber hose not only enhance durability but also add a sleek aesthetic to your toolkit.