Engine Service Tool

Ribbed Drive Pulleys Puller

Product Application
A versatile and efficient tool designed for the removal and installation of ribbed pulleys on various automotive components.
With its universal design, this tool can clamp onto any ribbed pulley, making it a must-have for any automotive repair or maintenance job.

Product Specification

Universal design for clamps onto any ribbed pulley.
This tool can use for crankshafts, alternators, air conditioning units, and water pumps.
Max spread: 160mm / Reach: 23mm.
Material: CR-V.
Finish: Manganese phosphate.
Product Features
Experience the transformative power of top-quality automotive maintenance tools with the universal ribbed pulley remover from Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools. Expertly crafted with CR-V material and a manganese phosphate finish, this robust device proves to be the ultimate drive pulley extraction tool in every professional's toolkit.
In a world where efficiency matters, this tool emerges as an essential multi-purpose pulley puller, offering unparalleled versatility. It not only clamps onto any ribbed pulley with a maximum spread of 160mm and reach of 23mm, but also functions excellently as a ribbed belt pulley puller, serpentine pulley extractor, and belt tensioner pulley remover.
Notably, our tool excels in a multitude of automotive applications, from reviving crankshafts, alternators, air conditioning units, to water pumps. Such versatility makes it a prime choice as an automotive pulley removal tool and further exemplifies its utility as a ribbed pulley removal equipment.
At Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools, we prioritize providing top-tier professional pulley extraction tools that streamline operations for mechanics and DIY enthusiasts alike. More than just a tool, this device doubles as a ribbed drive system maintenance tool, reinforcing its practicality and value for all users.
Equip yourself with our innovative tool for a game-changing automotive repair experience. Trust Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools for enhancing productivity, reliability, and accuracy. Be ahead of the curve.