Oil Funnel

Oil Funnel For Acura and Honda

Product Application
This Oil Funnel is specifically designed for use with Acura MDX, RDX, ZDX, Honda Odyssey, and Pilot models.
It is a durable and reliable tool that can be directly connected to the oil filler necks of these vehicles, eliminating unsafe oil spills and making oil changes quicker and easier.

Product Specification

For Acura MDX, RDX, ZDX, and Honda Odyssey and Pilot.
150 degree extended adapter for confined areas.
Funnel can be directly connected to oil filler necks, eliminating unsafe oil spills.
Engine oil bottles can be put up side down on funnel - hand free and one person operation.
Large oil passage allows oil to flow down more rapidly.
Lower transparent chamber shows oil flows down to engine.
Product Features
Introducing the Oil Funnel for Acura and Honda by Nuevo Auto Repair Tools. Designed specifically for Acura MDX, RDX, ZDX, as well as Honda Odyssey and Pilot, this high-quality funnel is the perfect tool for your automotive maintenance needs.
Featuring a 150-degree extended adapter, this funnel is designed to navigate confined areas with ease. It allows for precise and efficient pouring, ensuring that oil is directed directly into the engine without any spills or wastage.
Our Oil Funnel can be directly connected to the oil filler necks, eliminating the risk of unsafe oil spills on the floor or engine components. Its unique design enables you to place engine oil bottles upside down on the funnel, allowing for a hands-free and one-person operation.
The funnel features a large oil passage, facilitating the rapid flow of oil into the engine. With a lower transparent chamber, you can easily monitor the flow of oil as it moves down into the engine, ensuring a seamless and efficient oil change process.
Experience clean and hassle-free oil changes for your Acura and Honda vehicles with our automotive funnel. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this funnel is designed to provide reliable and efficient pouring, ensuring the proper maintenance of your vehicles.
Choose Nuevo Auto Repair Tools for your Acura and Honda car maintenance needs. Our high-quality funnel, designed specifically for Acura and Honda models, guarantees precise pouring, clean oil changes, and exceptional performance. Invest in our funnel today and enjoy the convenience and reliability it brings to your automotive maintenance tasks.