Engine Service Tool

Fuel Pump Locking Ring Wrench

Product Application
Design for Removal or Install Fuel Pump Locking Ring.

Product Specification

Tool precisely-made with slots to mesh with the ribs on fuel pump locking ring for Toyota and Lexus.
Elevated bridge to avoid blockage from connector and lines on fuel pump.
Helps remove and install the fuel pump locking rings easier and faster.
3/8" square driver - 19mm(Hex).
O.D 177mm/7" - I.D 143mm/5.6"
Product Features
Unlock Efficiency and Precision with the Fuel Pump Locking Ring Wrench from Nuevo Auto Repair Tools.
When it comes to automotive repair tools, Nuevo Auto Repair Tools stands head and shoulders above the rest. Our latest innovation, the Fuel Pump Locking Ring Wrench, is an essential addition to any professional's toolkit. Specifically designed for TOYOTA and LEXUS vehicles, this precision-made tool seamlessly meshes with the ribs on the fuel pump locking ring, ensuring a secure and efficient grip.
The Fuel Pump Locking Ring Wrench features an elevated bridge, strategically designed to prevent blockage from connectors and lines on the fuel pump. This thoughtful design element streamlines the removal and installation process, allowing you to work with ease and speed. No more struggling with stubborn locking rings - our wrench simplifies the task, saving you valuable time and effort.
Crafted with precision, this tool boasts a 3/8" square driver and a 19mm hex, providing a versatile and reliable solution for fuel pump maintenance and repair. Its outer diameter measures 177mm (7"), while the inner diameter is 143mm (5.6"), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of fuel pump locking rings.
As a distributor of automotive maintenance equipment, Nuevo Auto Repair Tools understands the importance of quality and efficiency. Our Fuel Pump Locking Ring Wrench combines both these attributes to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this specialty wrench is a game-changer for fuel system repairs.
Invest in the Fuel Pump Locking Ring Wrench from Nuevo Auto Repair Tools today and experience the difference it can make in your automotive repair endeavors. With its precise design, seamless compatibility with TOYOTA and LEXUS vehicles, and ease of use, this tool is a must-have for every automotive professional.