BMW Timing Tools

Engine Timing Tool Set for BMW

Product Application
Compatible with BMW models such as E87/N46 (118i, 120i), E46/N42 (316i, 316Ti, 318i), E90/E91/N46 (318i, 320i), and E85/N46 (Z4 2.0L).

Product Specification

Checking and adjustment of timing.
Installing and removal of camshaft and variable camshaft timing unit.
E87 / N46: 118i, 120i.
E46 / N42: 316i, 316Ti, 318i.
E90 / E91 / N46: 318i, 320i.
E85 / N46: Z4 2.0L
Material: carbon steel and aluminum alloy steel.
Finish: anodizing and black oxide.
Product Features
Introducing Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' precision-engineered Engine Timing Tool Set, meticulously crafted for BMW engines. This comprehensive kit ensures seamless checking and adjustment of timing, along with effortless installation and removal of camshafts and variable camshaft timing units.
Designed to perfection, this tool set is compatible with a range of BMW models including E87 / N46: 118i, 120i; E46 / N42: 316i, 316Ti, 318i; E90 / E91 / N46: 318i, 320i; and E85 / N46: Z4 2.0L. Crafted from durable carbon steel and aluminum alloy steel, it guarantees longevity and reliability in every use.
With a meticulous finish of anodizing and black oxide, each tool exudes professionalism and quality. Trust Nuevo Auto Repair Tools to provide the utmost precision and efficiency for your BMW engine maintenance needs.