Under Car Service Tool

Magnetic Adjustable Camber Gauge

Product Application
Enhance vehicle alignment effortlessly with Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Magnetic Adjustable Camber Gauge.
Ideal for professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts, this precision tool ensures accurate camber measurements and seamless adjustments.

Product Specification

It has a simple leveling adjustment of +/- 3°.
Housed in a durable, non-magnetic casing with a magnetic head that attaches firmly to rotors or spindles.
Return a strut to its original camber after repair or replacement.
Measure camber change before reinstalling alignment heads during camber kit installation.
Check the amount of camber change before reinstalling tire and wheel assemblies on trucks receiving offset alignment bushings.
Material: aluminum alloy steel.
Finish: chrome plated.
Product Features
Discover precision in automotive alignment with Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Adjustable Camber Measurement Tool. This innovative device boasts a straightforward leveling adjustment of +/- 3°, ensuring accurate alignment for every vehicle.
Crafted with durability in mind, the tool features a non-magnetic casing housing and a magnetic head that securely attaches to rotors or spindles. This design guarantees stability and reliability during use, making it an essential companion for any automotive repair or maintenance task.
Constructed from high-quality aluminum alloy steel and finished with chrome plating, our Automotive Camber Measurement Device is not only reliable but also built to withstand the rigors of professional use.