Under Car Service Tool

Steering Wheel Holder Kit

Product Application
Facilitate precise alignment adjustments and brake pedal depressions effortlessly with Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' Steering Wheel Holder Kit.
Ideal for professional auto mechanics and enthusiasts, this tool ensures seamless application in steering wheel maintenance, brake checks, and brake lamp operations.

Product Specification

Holds steering wheel in position for alignment adjustments and depresses brake pedal for various brake check, including brake lamp operation.
Rod easily slides in actuator for fast, easily, installation of tool on brake pedal or steering wheel.
Simply squeeze the actuator to accomplish fine adjustments.
Material: carbon steel.
Finish: chrome plated.
Product Features
Introducing Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' innovative Steering Wheel Holder Kit, a must-have for automotive professionals seeking top-notch auto repair tools. This versatile tool ensures precision and efficiency during alignment adjustments and brake checks, including brake lamp operation.
Crafted from durable carbon steel and finished with chrome plating, this kit guarantees longevity and reliability. The rod effortlessly slides into the actuator, facilitating quick and easy installation on either the brake pedal or steering wheel. Achieve fine adjustments seamlessly by simply squeezing the actuator.