Under Car Service Tool

Telescopic Wheel Nut Wrench for Commercial Vehicles

Product Application
Optimize commercial vehicle maintenance effortlessly with Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' Telescopic Wheel Nut Wrench.
Engineered for precision, this tool simplifies the installation and removal of wheel nuts, ensuring efficient and reliable performance in heavy-duty applications.

Product Specification

For installing and removing wheel nuts / bolts on commercial vehicles.
Extra long lever arm (max. length 1,430 mm) allows application of high forces (up to 1,200 Nm in extended position).
Material: alloy steel.
Finished: black oxide.
Product Features
Discover the ultimate solution for efficient wheel maintenance with Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' Telescopic Wheel Nut Wrench. Designed specifically for commercial vehicles, this high-performance tool ensures seamless installation and removal of wheel nuts/bolts.
Crafted from durable alloy steel and featuring a sleek black oxide finish, our Telescopic Wheel Nut Wrench is built to withstand the toughest challenges in the automotive industry. The extra-long lever arm, extending up to a maximum length of 1,430 mm, empowers mechanics with the ability to apply high forces, reaching up to 1,200 Nm when in the extended position.