Engine Service Tool

Oxygen Sensor Thread Chaser M18 x P1.5

Product Application
Revitalize your vehicle's exhaust system effortlessly with Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Oxygen Sensor Thread Chaser in M18 x P1.5.
Ideal for cleaning threads in oxygen sensor holes, this tool is designed for precision applications, ensuring seamless maintenance and repair.

Product Specification

Cleans threads in oxygen sensor holes.
Use with 3/4" hex socket or 3/8" square drive.
Also works on M18x1.5 spark plug threads.
Size: M18 x P1.5.
Finish: black oxide.
Product Features
Introducing Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' innovative solution for automotive professionals - our Oxygen Sensor Thread Chaser in M18 x P1.5. This cutting-edge tool is designed to effortlessly clean threads in oxygen sensor holes, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle's exhaust system.
Crafted with precision, this tool seamlessly integrates into your routine maintenance tasks, providing a hassle-free experience for automotive professionals. Compatible with a 3/4" hex socket or 3/8" square drive, it's versatile and easy to use, making it an essential addition to your toolkit.
Not just limited to oxygen sensor threads, our chaser also works wonders on M18 x 1.5 spark plug threads, showcasing its versatility and value. The black oxide finish adds durability and a sleek aesthetic to this indispensable tool.