Engine Service Tool

10PCS Oxygen Sensor Thread Set M18 x 1.5

Product Application
Enhance automotive maintenance effortlessly with Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' 10PCS Oxygen Sensor Thread Set, expertly crafted for precision repairs on M18 x 1.5 threaded oxygen sensors.

Product Specification

A unique tool for repair damaged spark plugs, glow plugs and Lambda probe threads.
Quick and easy repair without extensive component disassembly.
Easy to use and proper fixed with absolute gas-tight seating of the inserts.
Thin wall bushings with rust protective coating.
Repair easily without complex component.
1PC Thread cutting tap M18 x 1.5 L=50mm.
1PC Thread cutting tap M20 x 1.5 L=50mm.
1PC Piloted reamer M18 x 1.5 L=50mm.
1PC Screw in tool for insert nut L=90mm M18 x 1.5.
1PC Screw sleeve 27H x 81mm.
5PCS Insert nut with collar, L=9mm IG=M18 x 1.5/AG=M20 x 1.5.
Product Features
Discover a revolutionary solution from Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools, designed exclusively for automotive professionals. Our advanced repair tool set is a game-changer, seamlessly addressing damaged spark plugs, glow plugs, and Lambda probe threads with precision and ease.
The kit includes a comprehensive range of tools, such as the M18 x 1.5 thread cutting tap (L=50mm) and the M20 x 1.5 thread cutting tap (L=50mm), ensuring versatile applications for various repairs. Our piloted reamer (M18 x 1.5 L=50mm) facilitates efficient and quick repairs without the need for extensive component disassembly.
Included in the set are essential components like the screw-in tool for insert nut (L=90mm M18 x 1.5) and the screw sleeve (27H x 81mm), making repair tasks more manageable and efficient. The five insert nuts with collar (L=9mm IG=M18 x 1.5/AG=M20 x 1.5) further enhance the versatility of this kit.