Engine Service Tool

Injector Puller

Product Application
Optimize your Mercedes-Benz CDI engines, including models 611, 612, and 613, with Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Injector Puller.
Specifically crafted for Bosch injector systems, this precision tool effortlessly removes adapted tight common rail injectors without the need for cylinder head disassembly.
Upgrade your automotive toolkit and streamline your injector removal process with our advanced Fuel Injector Removal Tool.

Product Specification

For Bosch injector system of Mercedes Benz.
For removing adapted tight common rail injectors without having to disassemble cylinder head.
Use for Mercedes-Benz CDI engines 611.612.613,etc.
Injection puller with impact hammer, injection nozzles, that do not fit very tightly can be pulled out without needing to take them apart or remove the cylinder block.
Material: steel.
Finish: zinc plated and black oxide.
Product Features
Explore unparalleled efficiency with Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' latest offering – the Fuel Injector Removal Tool, specifically designed for Bosch injector systems in Mercedes Benz vehicles. Our tool simplifies the removal of adapted tight common rail injectors, eliminating the need to disassemble the cylinder head.
Crafted with precision, this injector puller is engineered for use with Mercedes-Benz CDI engines such as 611, 612, 613, and more. Its innovative design includes an impact hammer, allowing for the extraction of injection nozzles that don't fit tightly without the hassle of disassembly or cylinder block removal.
Made from high-quality steel and finished with a combination of zinc plating and black oxide, our Automotive Injector Removal tool ensures durability and long-lasting performance.