Engine Service Tool

Diesel Injection Pump Puller (LAND ROVER)

Product Application
Precision-crafted for targeted application, Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' Diesel Injection Pump Puller is tailored exclusively for LAND ROVER vehicles.
Elevate your maintenance prowess with this essential tool designed to streamline the disassembly of VP44 injection pumps and high-pressure pumps, ensuring seamless and efficient fuel system repairs.
Trust in the excellence of Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools for precision pump extraction and diesel pump service specific to LAND ROVER models.

Product Specification

This tool is specifically designed for holding the sprocket/chain in place when disassembling the VP44 injection pump and high pressure pump.
Common rail fitted to LAND ROVER engines: LAND ROVER, FREELANDER(TD4), ROVER 75(M47).
Material: steel.
Finish: black color finish.
Product Features
Introducing a cutting-edge solution from Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools that caters specifically to the discerning needs of automotive professionals—the Diesel Injection Pump Puller designed for superior functionality in the disassembly of VP44 injection pumps and high-pressure pumps. Crafted from robust steel with an exquisite black finish, this tool offers unparalleled precision during maintenance tasks.
Ideal for a range of LAND ROVER engines, including LAND ROVER, FREELANDER (TD4), and ROVER 75 (M47), this tool ensures seamless operation and efficient removal of sprockets/chains. Elevate your automotive engine maintenance game with this indispensable instrument that guarantees reliability and durability.
Our Diesel Injection Pump Puller stands out as a key component in the arsenal of professional LAND ROVER repair equipment. Its purpose extends beyond routine maintenance, providing a crucial role in fuel system repairs for LAND ROVER vehicles. This tool embodies precision, ensuring a seamless process in diesel pump service for Land Rover models.