Engine Service Tool

Fuel Line Pliers

Product Application
Optimize your automotive repair tasks with Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Fuel Line Pliers. Ideal for precision work on VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, SEAT, and SKODA vehicles, these pliers excel in clamping and maintaining fuel lines with a versatile 18-28mm clamping range.
Elevate your efficiency and tackle fuel system maintenance with confidence using our professional-grade tools.

Product Specification

For use on three ended hose clips which are fitted to, AUDI/SEAT/SKODA/VOLKSWAGEN fuel lines clamps.
Clamping range 18-28mm.
Material: steel.
Finish: black oxide tip and chrome plated handle.
Product Features
Introducing a game-changing tool from Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools, designed exclusively for professionals in the automotive repair industry. Our three-ended hose clip pliers are engineered to perfection, catering specifically to VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, SEAT, and SKODA vehicles. Crafted with precision and reliability, these fuel line pliers boast a clamping range of 18-28mm, making them indispensable for your automotive toolkit.
Constructed from high-quality steel and featuring a black oxide tip with chrome-plated handles, our fuel line pliers are not just tools; they're a testament to durability and functionality. Whether you're working on fuel line clamps or engaged in precision fuel system maintenance, these tools are your trusted companion.
Upgrade your toolkit with our fuel line repair instruments, and experience the precision that sets Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools apart. Our commitment to providing quality fuel line service tools is evident in every detail, from the black oxide tip that enhances durability to the chrome-plated handle for a comfortable grip.