Engine Service Tool

GM Harmonic Balancer Puller

Product Application
Designed for GM vehicles, Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' GM Harmonic Balancer Puller is the ideal solution for effortless removal of harmonic balancers, timing gears, and pulleys with 2/3 tapped holes.
Engineered for precision and durability, this versatile tool is a must-have for automotive professionals dealing with GM 3.8L V6 balancer pulleys.
Upgrade your toolkit with the efficiency and reliability of Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools.

Product Specification

GM forcing screw & bolts suit GM 3.8L V6 balancer pulleys.
Heavy duty forcing screw & bolt kit suits most harmonic balancers, timing gears & pulleys with 2/3 tapped holes.
2PCS center bolt.
1PC pilot cone.
3PCS 1/4" UNF x 3".
3PCS 10mm x 50mm.
3PCS 5/16" x 2".
3PCS 8mm x 80mm.
3PCS 3/8" x 2".
2PCS 3/8" x 4".
Product Features
Introducing the latest innovation from Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools, our GM Harmonic Balancer Puller Kit is a must-have for automotive professionals. Crafted with precision and designed for heavy-duty applications, this tool is your go-to solution for effortless removal of GM 3.8L V6 balancer pulleys.
The kit includes a robust assortment of components, featuring 2 center bolts, 1 pilot cone, and an array of threaded bolts in various sizes to suit different applications. Whether you're dealing with harmonic balancers, timing gears, or pulleys with 2/3 tapped holes, our kit has got you covered.
Engineered for efficiency, our GM Harmonic Balancer Tool stands out as a professional balancer puller kit with the strength to handle the toughest tasks. The 1/4" UNF, 10mm, 5/16", 8mm, and 3/8" bolts provide versatility, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of applications.
Say goodbye to the hassle of harmonic balancer removal with our high-quality GM Harmonic Balancer Wrench. This engine repair tool is specifically designed for GM vehicles, offering a top-rated solution that guarantees efficient and precise performance.