Engine Service Tool

Balancer Puller and Installer

Product Application
Effortlessly tackle engine maintenance with Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Balancer Puller and Installer.
Designed for a variety of engines, this versatile tool set is your go-to solution for smooth and damage-free balancer replacement.

Product Specification

A professional tool set for balancer replacement.
Built-in bearing makes balancer replacing job easy and without damage.
4-slot puller plate plus 9 threaded adapters fit to balancers on most engines.
Material: carbon steel.
Product Features
Introducing Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' latest innovation in engine maintenance – a comprehensive tool set designed for seamless balancer replacement. Crafted with precision from high-quality carbon steel, our Engine Balancer Tool ensures durability and reliability, setting it apart in the automotive tools market.
Featuring a built-in bearing, our Harmonic Balancer Puller simplifies the balancer replacement process, guaranteeing a smooth and damage-free experience for automotive professionals. The 4-slot puller plate, coupled with 9 threaded adapters, caters to balancers on a wide range of engines, making it a versatile choice for various applications.
With Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Crankshaft Balancer Installer, you get more than just a tool – you get a solution that meets the demands of modern automotive repair. The Auto Engine Balancing Kit provides the essential components for achieving precision in every balancer removal task.