Engine Service Tool

3PCS Fuel Line Disconnect Set

Product Application
Optimize your fuel system maintenance with Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' 3PCS Fuel Line Disconnect Set.
Engineered for versatility, this set is essential for efficiently disconnecting fuel lines in various automotive applications, ensuring seamless and precise repairs across different vehicle models.

Product Specification

Design for uncoupling quick release fittings on fuel line to most of the cars.
1/4”, 5/16” (Ø8mm) Ford-Mercury, Doge-Chrysler, Renault.
3/8” (10mm) Ford-Mercury, Doge-Chrysler, Renault.
GM Chevrolet, Buick-Pontiac, Renault, Fiat, Ford, Opel.
Product Features
Upgrade your automotive toolkit with Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' exceptional Fuel Line Disconnect Set, designed for uncoupling quick-release fittings on fuel lines across a wide range of vehicles. This professional-grade set includes sizes 1/4", 5/16" (Ø8mm), and 3/8" (10mm), catering to Ford-Mercury, Dodge-Chrysler, Renault, GM Chevrolet, Buick-Pontiac, Fiat, Ford, and Opel models.
Trust in the professional quality of our automotive fuel system tools, part of Nuevo's commitment to excellence. The professional line disconnect set is an indispensable addition to your toolkit, offering precision and durability in every use. Choose Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools for precision fuel line maintenance and the efficiency of our efficient line disconnect set.
Experience the versatility of our comprehensive fuel system kit, a must-have for every automotive professional. The quick-release fuel line tools in this set provide a quick and reliable solution for fuel line service, making it an essential component of your toolkit. Invest in the best with Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools, your source for top-quality fuel line service essentials.