Engine Service Tool

4PCS Sensor and Sending Unit Socket Extension Set

Product Application
Enhance diesel engine diagnostics with Nuevo Auto Repair Tools' Diesel Compression Tester.
Ideal for precise compression testing in a variety of diesel vehicles, ensuring accurate assessments for optimal engine performance.

Product Specification

For removal and install oxygen sensor and sending unit.
Set includes:
1PC 22mm special tube socket.
1PC oxygen sensor thread chaser.
1PC oxygen sensor wrenches offset (2-1/8") & super duty 12 & 6 point socket.
1PC oxygen sensor socket.
Product Features
Elevate your automotive toolkit with Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' precision-engineered 4PCS Sensor and Sending Unit Socket Extension Set. Ideal for removal and installation of oxygen sensors and sending units, this set offers a versatile solution for various vehicle systems.
Included in the set are essential tools like the 22mm special tube socket, oxygen sensor thread chaser, oxygen sensor wrenches offset (2-1/8") & super duty 12 & 6 point socket, and an oxygen sensor socket. Crafted with precision, this sensor socket extension kit provides the professional touch required for efficient automotive repairs.
Trust in Nuevo for top-tier quality with our Nuevo extension tools, part of the essential engine sensor maintenance set. Invest in excellence with our professional sending unit tools, an indispensable addition to your toolkit. Choose Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools for the ultimate in precision with this essential socket extension kit.