Oil Funnel

Oil Funnel Set

Product Application
The perfect solution for preventing unsafe oil spills during oil changes.
This screw-on type funnel comes with a transparent lower chamber, which allows for a clear view of the oil flow process.
The large oil passage enables the oil to be refilled more rapidly, making the task of changing oil faster and more efficient.

Product Specification

Screw-on type oil funnel prevents unsafe oil spills.
Transparent lower chamber clearly shows oil flow process.
Large oil passage allows oil to be refilled more rapidly.
Includes adapters for most common European vehicles.
Provided with a storage holder and a drain plate.
1PC M51.5 x P1.25 Opening: Ø4.9” / Ø125mm Funnel.
1PC M33 x P3.5 Chamber for Fiat.
1PC M33.5 Chamber for Ford/Mazda.
1PC M32 x P3.5 Chamber for Honda.
1PC M37 x P3.0 Chamber for Toyota/Lexus.
1PC M32 x P3.5 150-degree angle Extended Adapter.
1PC M37 x P3.0 Clip: Ø1.3” / Ø34mm Adapter (black).
1PC M37 x P3.0 Clip: Ø1.2” / Ø30mm Adapter (red).
1PC M42 x P4.5 Adapter (yellow).
1PC Bottle Piercer (Filter: 20 mesh; Height: 2.9” / 74mm).
Product Features
Presenting the Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' professional-grade "Oil Funnel Kit", a must-have for auto importers seeking mess-free, efficient oil changes. The screw-on type funnel prevents unsafe oil spills, ensuring a clean, professional workspace. This "automotive funnel set" has a large oil passage, enabling more rapid oil refill—making it an essential garage funnel kit.
Each set includes a transparent lower chamber, providing clear visibility of the oil flow process. This distinguishing feature allows our "oil change funnel" to stand out in the market. The funnel's unique design caters to the needs of mechanics, as well as DIY enthusiasts, making it a versatile "DIY oil funnel set".
The kit's contents are tailored to the needs of various car models. This 'funnel set for oil' includes adapters compatible with most common European vehicles, such as Fiat, Ford/Mazda, Honda, and Toyota/Lexus. The mechanic-specific nature of this kit makes it an apt "mechanic oil funnel set".
Included in the set are a storage holder and a drain plate, plus a bottle piercer, reinforcing the kit's utility and versatility. Also, the 'oil pouring funnel' comes in various sizes, making it suitable for different applications.
In summary, our "Versatile oil funnel set" from Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools brings together functionality, safety, and cleanliness, thus elevating the experience of oil changing. Experience the difference with our "Mess-free oil funnel kit" today!