Cooling System Service Tool

Hose Removal Pliers

Product Application
The ultimate solution for easy and secure hose removal in automotive repairs.
These pliers are designed to grip firmly onto tubes or lines for hoses connected to tubes or lines with a smooth surface, where pushing force is not possible.

Product Specification

Easily disconnects hoses by gripping firmly the tubes/lines for hoses connected to tubes or lines with smooth surface, where exercising pushing force is not possible.
Pointed jaw tip allows access to confined spaces.
Special locking design enhances secure gripping.
Length: 202 mm (7.95").
Width: 94 mm (3.70").
Capacity: jaw for 3/16”, 1/4” and 3/8” tubes and lines.
Material: Cr-MHardness: HRC 43-47.
Finish: Electroplating.
Product Features
Experience the paramount utility and unparalleled durability with Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools' latest innovation – the 'Professional Hose Removal Pliers'.
Ergonomically designed, these hose removal tools facilitate easy and efficient removal of hoses connected to tubes or lines with smooth surfaces. Precise grip provided by the pliers ensures that hoses can be disconnected effortlessly, circumventing the necessity of exerting undue pushing force. These characteristics make our pliers the preferred automotive hose removal pliers among professionals.
The unique feature of these pliers for removing hoses is their pointed jaw tip, an ingenious design that allows access to confined spaces, a quality highly praised in quick hose removal pliers. Additionally, the pliers are equipped with a special locking design that enhances secure gripping, ensuring the user's complete control throughout the operation.
Measured at 202mm in length and 94mm in width, the capacity of these hose clamp removal pliers includes 3/16”, 1/4” and 3/8” tubes and lines. Crafted from Cr-Mo material, these pliers reflect durability while ensuring HRC 43-47 hardness. An added electroplating finish guarantees the longevity of these durable hose removal tools.
As an efficient hose removal tool, the 'Professional Hose Removal Pliers' by Nuevo-Auto-Repair-Tools redefines reliability, a must-have for every toolbox. Take your automotive repairs to the next level with these reliable hose removal pliers, your partner in professional, seamless, and efficient hose removal.